Monday, February 7, 2011

Year of the Vegetable

That's right - I confess!  My reputation as a dedicated vegetarian has vanished.  Since 2003, I have been including all types of animal products in my diet prepared in the tastiest of fashion - fried, deep-fried, and refried leftovers of the fried and deep-fried (although leftovers are getting to be few and far between).  My ten year record and pride is shot at the mercy of my siblings, getting the last laugh as they bust a gut over my now busting gut.

Since embarking on a career in writing, my highschool track and field times have been reduced to running for coffee and snacks, and I jumped this hurdle with bigger mugs and drawers (insert double entendre here).  But since moving the office to the second floor, runs up and down the stairs for the toilet often leave me wiped.

It's the middle of Northern Ontario winter.  I'm not a big fan, and even less for going out in it.  Shovelling daily dumps from weathermen and dogs are my only source of fresh air.

This week I celebrate Chinese New Year (February 3rd) and family tradition with the annual feast and fest.  It's two big occasions really, the second being the only time I invite family members for dinner.  My late-night lifestyle (writer) fails to attract them otherwise, unless they want dinner during Letterman.  This year dinner is at five, but my history and ability to distort time might still make the Top Ten list.

Yes, I will indulge in the usual delicacies of Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, and the family's garlic chicken wing recipe with a side order of cold beer.  Technically, beer is still a vegetable in my universe, and for all intents and purposes, this blog. If this offends you, get your own blog but you can still share my beer. 

"This is the last time I'm eating meat," said the bullshitting cow eater (hey, that's me!!).  With several lame attempts at New Year's resolution, I've reduced it over the years to, "I'll just eat meat for the Chinese New Year feast."  As a Tiger, I was pretty sure 2010 was going to be the year I finally got it right. Today, I had peameal and eggs for breakfast.  I think I'll go open another vegetable.

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