Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mission Vegeterrorized

I'll get straight to the purpose of my being here (this blog, not my existence - that's mission impossible). Yes, this is about vegetarianism, and our love for the 'other' protein - but more so about the trials and tribulations for those of you giving it your best (and worst) to make healthier choices, or entertaining the idea.

Vegetarian lifestyle changes aren't easy, and many get discouraged for many reasons from boring meals to peer pressure, to actually getting sick, which could be two-fold. Either their menus are out of balance, or they haven't grasped the detoxification process and it's symptoms. And then some of us just plain fell off the wagon, and our discipline got thrown too far under the bus (we'll revisit excuses later). But it doesn't have to be this way. Making vegetarian choices can be be quite rewarding on many levels.

As we progress (that would be me), I'll introduce some ideas, methods, and recipes that will help add inspiration and variety to your new culinary lifestyle. Throw in a few fun facts and hopefully the worst you'll get burned with is a tickled funny bone.

This isn't exclusively for vegetarians. All are welcome who are trying to add more vegetarian choices to their menus and lifestyle. Meanwhile, share some of your own stories and struggles, and I remind guests that this is a positive environment to inspire and encourage each other, and the vegeterrorized struggling to make healthier choices.

We're not here to preach, judge or condemn each other and this isn't an arena for controversy. There are plenty of other places on the internet for that. This is all about fun. Tofu Fun!!

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