Friday, May 20, 2011

Failure to Launch


Well, I'm back. It's been a hard winter and even harder keeping up with my blog and goals, but I'm ready to move forward. Let's recap:

Vegetarian - nope
Lost weight - nope
Plenty of exercise - nope! Sleep - nope! Fluids - nope! Sex  - ...!

Chicken? Check!
Hot dogs? Check!
Big Mac? Check!
Sex?  ...!

Since I set out on this journey in February, I've eaten meat on many occasions but really only through two sources - family functions, and my role as a roving reporter. Both were for the sake of convenience (I was going there anyway). Yummy, full course meals (that I didn't have to cook) or good-to-go hot dogs (that I didn't have to cook).

Recent meat and greets:
May 14th - family food fry (turkey)
Mother's Day tributes -  Chinese Food
May 7th  - family BBQ (steak and hot dogs)
April 30th - family stag & doe (meatballs, cold cuts)
April 30th - on assignment (ham, beef, salmon/chicken/egg salad      sandwiches - that's right tried them all)
April 14th - on assignment (hot dogs for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, chicken for dinner)
April 7th - on assignment (roast beef dinner)
April 5th - on assignmnent (meatballs, meatballs, more meatballs)
Can't remember the dates but there have been a few road trips involving gold and arches, and on one occasion bought two hot dogs for charity but gave one away, so technically - half the fat.

I'm pretty sure the drumstick I had at the last turkey fry weighed about 5 pounds so at least I've been working out my left arm, which is good because that's also the side my heart's on.

We can't choose our families but I've made a recent career move and I'm now working exclusively online. There are less public appearances, and temptations as I only eat meat when I'm out of the home. Occasionally I'll order takeout but I rarely cook meat. According to my gal, I rarely cook at all. She's probably right - she's been right before.

Ironically, it was my deep-fried tofu in black bean sauce that she couldn't resist when we first met. Served hot with a cold Stella, I was quite iresistable in my day. I thought it was my resemblance to Richard Gere, and I'm sure he's often told - 'Hey, you look like Perry Kong!'

Okay then, back to reality...

As for family it's BBQ and salad season with plenty of sun and mayo. I usually grab a pack of tofu-dogs on the way over so it'll be a shoe-in, unlike the shoe leather they used to mimic. They've come a long way, and so have the tofu burgers.

Since trying normal wieners deep-fried (saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives... 'nuff said), the competition's getting stiffer but I've yet to try it on tofu dogs. I deep-fry my regular tofu often and it's my favourite. I haven't found anyone that didn't like it prepared that way, and it's a great method to introduce it to someone exploring tofu for the first time.

I'm surprised by how many times I still hear, 'never tried it.'  And that was my first inspiration to create this blog, to encourage more people to discover tofu beyond it's bland and bouncy characteristics - it's delicacy, it's role in the vegetarian lifestyle, and it's health benefits. I'll be posting a 'recipes' page soon.

I haven't been getting any smaller and in my defense I'm not bigger either. But with less time in the field and more at my desk, I need to be conscious of falling into the trap of gluing myself to the keyboard 24/7. Recently Margaret surprised me with a shiny (with wheels and buttons, just like my profile said) new mountain bike so there is hope for an exercise routine as I rekindle my love for cycling. So far I've ridden about 5 times in 4 weeks, including the maiden voyage from the store. I've spent more time buying stuff for it than on it, and it's pretty sweet to look at.

I look forward to riding, and Margaret's cheers when I can finally shout out, 'Going for a ride nowww! Love yoouuu!" Aahhh, summer - hair and ketchup flying in the wind over a combo of burger and bicycle stands. 

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