Friday, May 27, 2011

3... 2... 1... Go!

National Vegetarian Week

It might seem moot to chomp into National Vegetarian Week so close to the end but I think it's a testament to motivation, mindset and momentum. Barely scratching the surface as I dig through my past, I feel like I've evolved a fair bit during this short week.

My Veggie Pledge is now sworn in the ethereal archives of the NVW pages and the countdown begins with less than 72 hours left over at the U.K. challenge. But my view is I had a head start with being meat-free since Monday, and a Meatless Monday at that. The rest of NVW takes me to Sunday, which leads into another Meatless Monday. On that day, I'll sign up for the Toronto Vegetarian Association's seven day Veggie Challenge, which will take effect Tuesday, and also take me through the next Meatless Monday.


Should I succeed, I'll continue with the TVA's Phase 2 challenge, and strive to go meatless for three more weeks. I'll tack on an extra day in lieu of each Meatless Monday that falls in between. Not a bad start after all, with plenty of strength and determination to move forward.

And somewhere in there, I have to squeeze in time and pants to trim a few pounds for a mid-June wedding.

When I started this little blog and adventure, I had no idea any of these challenges existed, including the now expired World Vegetarian Week which put me on this quest to find more. It's been one week since my return to this blog and I owe all my progress to date to the overwhelming and ongoing support of fellow foodies, bloggers, and Margaret. I have no doubt that I will succeed to return back to my veggie roots, and with exponential growth.

Menus are flourishing but I confess there are issues with eating schedules and late night snacks - and the trail of chip crumbs between keyboard and thumbs.

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