Thursday, June 2, 2011

Perfect Pop, Timing and Breasts

                                                         © Perry Kong
Lunches - Tortilla soups capped with toppings and naps.

Yesterday I signed on for the Toronto Vegetarian Association's Veggie Challenge. It is a 7 day challenge for non-veggies to try going vegetarian, and for vegetarians to give vegan a go. The sign-up and survey were quick and simple just like they said it would. The survey takes 5 minutes or less and makes you eligible to win prizes. I'm looking forward to my first of seven e-mails, which includes tips, recipes and resources to increase my odds of success. TVA says you should receive it within a day of signing up.

Keep in mind, my vegetarian goals are to be on the other side but include dairy and eggs. I'm a little too chicken right now and I'll cross that road when I come to it.

Meatless Monday was successful but I couldn't resist the egg salad sandwiches shelled out at a wake. The sandwiches just worked with my 9th coffee, and so did the cake.

If you recall, I was able to salvage what was left of last week's National Vegetarian Week in the U.K., and signed on with three days to go. To date, I've been meat-free since Sunday of the May 24 long weekend when I ate cheeseburgers to accompany my nephew.

The past week's menu was great, and I'll list a few here with recipes to follow later. I'll warn you now, don't expect to see too many breakfast items as I usually get up closer to lunch, and need at least half an hour and coffeepot before hunger strikes.

The following morning I did have breakfast while my nephew still infiltrated with video games and guns. To my surprise he ordered a second helping of oatmeal and berries and enjoyed the almond milk. And I confess, I enjoyed the brown sugar just as much as he.

The rest of the week followed with tortilla soup, veggie ground round tacos, curried veggies with chick peas with basmati rice, mac and cheese w/ veggie dogs, gnocchi in marinara sauce, and colorful salads loaded with flavors and scents. And of course, our favorite deep-fried tofu in black bean sauce with noodles. Sunday we upgraded our stove and I stalled on the install - timed just right so Margaret would burn dinner plans and order a pizza.

Snacks included toast with black strap molasses and tahini,  home made granola bars, fruit smoothies, and Captain and kernel crunches. Our popcorn consumption exploded since we got our Whirlypop last Christmas.

If the menus and days don't seem to add up it's because we're leftover friendly, which is a bit of an oxymoron cause when Perry's around there usually aren't any.

Challenges have been easy because I don't think I left the house since the long weekend, therefore, no temptation. I confess, I got a bit excited when a Facebook friend mentioned chicken, and a bit hungry when they were showing all the fast food in the movie Food, Inc. , revealing the food industry where corporate America pits profit against health - for big breasts and butts on chickens and chops.