Friday, July 15, 2011

A Bird in the Hand...

It's Me..... Kong!!!

After my lengthy absence I could easily rethink the title to be Confessions of a Struggling Blogger as I haven't posted here since early June, and to my dedicated readers I apologize.
It's been a busy take-off with the long awaited and short summer here in the north and there is an almost frantic energy in the air as we scramble to get as much done around the house and yard, dodging weather and mosquitoes.
I've been successful with maintaining my Veggie lifestyle with few exceptions - a one week visit to Margaret's hometown in Southern Ontario where I felt the urge to indulge in meatly mayhem; a couple annual family gatherings and traditions; one stag and doe; a wedding; a 40th birthday; and a visit from my good friend Dean who has just ventured out west. 

mmm... bacon wrapped water chestnuts - oddly, it's the same jacket and expression as past meat-chompin' pics.

The culprits include a list of cajun and bbq wings, strip steak, ribs, hot dogs, burgers, meatballs and pizza. For those who are gravely disappointed in my discipline and distaste, you'll be pleased to know that I was crapped on by a tiny bird almost immediately after saying to Margaret, 'I think I'll have the wings' while stopping at a waterfront sports bar patio.
Awwww crap!!

Last night we celebrated my late step-dad's birthday the way he knew best with grease spattering burgers, rings and fries. And on this note, blood is thicker than water as it took some extra scraping and suds to clean the pans compared to the usual vegetable, olive, flax, canola and sesame oils that slide right off.

Here's the current list of convictions which I unregrettably praise 'Guilty!', despite the Lone Star sparrow who cried fowl and slapped the back of my hand with a judged, juried and perfectly executed bowel bomb from the string of patio lights above:
Stag and Doe - meatballs and cold cuts
Wedding - chicken, beef, big chunk of rib, more cold cuts and meatballs
Trenton/Kingston - wings, steak, burgers, dogs, loaded pizza and tuna sandwiches
Joanne's 40th birthday party - more cold cuts and meatballs preluded by a boatload of Jell-O shooters
Canada Day with friends and family - bbq backribs

A spruce bug humored us at a roadside cheese factory.
Our favourite Deseronto coffee shop was closed this trip but we'll catch up next time. Hugs!!!

We opted out of the usual coffee and chip stop for a relaxing 2 hour veggie picnic.
The Toronto Vegetarian Association Veggie Challenge I took in June was a great success and although we followed our own regimen and recipes, the daily e-mails and support by the TVA were delivered as promised and I found them most encouraging and inspiring, as well as the comment posted by Steve. I did not follow through with the 3 week challenge afterwards and failed to post my daily progress as planned so I will sign up for the challenge again in the weeks to come.