Who Is This Guy

Hi  - my name is Perry Kong and I'm a struggling vegetarian. What does that mean? Well, basically, I want to be a vegetarian (again) but I haven't fully developed my willpower to totally cut meat out of my menu choices, although I am getting a lot better.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to share my ugly picture and a few not-as-ugly facts about myself, so you'll know I'm somewhat human as you add me to your arsenal of  'things to do instead of whatever else it is I should be doing.'

Next year I'll be 50 , and there's a certain air of mortality that begins to linger as more people are living to be centenarians. As kids, everyone was just young or old, measured on the 'fun' meter. As an adult ( I use this term loosely) I have developed an appreciation for their lives and contributions. As a journalist, I've been inspired by the many I've met.

Lately I've been thinking, 'what am I going to do for the other half of my life?'  I still don't have answers, but questions - 'what am I going to give back?'

I'm a work at home writer and photographer in Northern Ontario and while I praise this lifestyle for it's mobility I'm far from living the dream of laptops and sailboats. I take comfort in my home office ergonomics, and the 'proper view' of my monitor. The hidden truth is my not so hidden droop that ensures me a safe distance whether I want it or not. It wasn't always this way and I won't fill you up on details on how I fell into this (fattery will get me no where) but rather my re-belly-ous mission to get back out.

In previous years I adhered to a healthy lifestyle in southern Ontario, where there were plenty of health food choices, markets and stores - and always someone to look up to who was doing it way better than I. As a vegetarian for ten years - believe me, there are benefits that I've long since forgotten which I am reminded daily by the vibrant bounce and beauty of my vegetarian girlfriend Margaret.

Other than the Big Bobber that covers my six-pack, I strongly believe that my health is still reasonably maintained with the menu I do follow thanks to Margaret's confidence and culinary skills, and I could easily convince myself that life with a vegetarian is good enough. But as she has inspired me, I hope to pay it forward and encourage anyone else who is struggling to make a healthy choice and change.

May you find inspiration, hope and humor as I share my transition back to the man I used to be, and my favorite suit. This isn't a heroic effort by any means, and we all know someone with far greater determination and dedication to their cause. But like many, I'm just a regular guy with regular self-discipline issues trying to unload that extra 30 pounds with a fresh menu and start.

This blog is a refreshing change to the drolls and deadlines of my real world as I share my regimen and recipes for healthy success, with the emphasis on the vegetarian lifestyle and many, many, culinary delights. And I get to write about my favorite subject since childhood... ME, short (not my height) for, My Experiences.

My goal is to help and not judge, and as I evolve I'll always remember my own struggles as I tried to embrace this herbivore lifestyle. So please drop me a hello and a link and I'll get back to you with whatever I can to help you along with your trials and transition. There is a cornucopia of inspiration here among foodies and bloggers and I will do my best to point you towards the best of who and what's out there.

I hope this message finds you safe, happy and healthy.